Hampi (Central India & Wildlife)

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Arguably one of India’s most extraordinary landscapes, Hampi is a bewildering collection of ruined temples, stone houses and stucco sculptures that are scattered for miles. The Dravidian temples and palaces, although exquisite, seem older than five or six hundred years, and are arguably overpowered by the surreal and colossal golden boulders that dominate the landscape. These precarious and oversized formations seem completely unreal.  Hampi, otherwise known as Vijayanagar, was the last great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar and the fabulously rich princes of the time built the temples and palaces that can still be seen today. The capital was conquered by the Deccan Muslim confederacy in 1565 and the city was pillaged before being completely abandoned, which is why many of the monuments no longer remain. The group of monuments at Hampi have deservedly been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and we feel this is one of central India’s historic highlights.