Canoe Ride in Satpura National Park

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Our canoe ride is a peaceful and extraordinary way to enjoy Satpura’s extraordinary wildlife as it allows you to paddle quietly and thus get closer to the animals. The northern edge of Satpura is bordered by the enormous reservoir of the Tawa Dam. In a wonderfully pioneering move, the park management introduced three-man canoes for two guests and a boatman, so that visitors can explore the small bays and inlets, getting much closer to the wildlife. It’s possible to unobtrusively watch animals stopping to drink or birds coming to fish. You’ll need a little list to keep track of the birds you might pass on the sandbanks but some examples are sandpipers, red-wattled lapwings, cranes, herons, stilts, and five kinds of kingfisher. We feel this is a fantastic way to enjoy and photograph India’s wildlife in this relatively unknown park.

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