Gwalior City Tour (Full Day)

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Gwalior, flanked by beautiful hills, is studded with numerous impressive monuments, which our full-day tour explores. Suraj Sen built Gwalior Fort, which dominates the city, in honour of Gwalipa, an ascetic who had cured him of leprosy. The fort has a number of chhatris, or cenotaphs, commemorating the rulers of the Scindia dynasty, who ruled the region until independence. Man Singh Palace (which was built between 1486 and 1517) and the Gujari Mahal (built by Raja Mansingh in the 15th century for his favourite queen) are also incredibly captivating sites. If time permits your guide will also take you to Sas Bahu ka Mandir  (an 11th century temple dedicated Lord Vishnu), Teli ka Mandir (a 300 meter high Vishnu Temple of dating back to the 9th century) and also Jai Vilas Palace. This is located in the city and is a remarkable edifice; it combines three distinctive styles of architecture; Tuscan, Italian and Corinthian. It has now been converted into a museum. Please note our half-day and full-day tours are the same. The full-day tour is designed for those wanting to explore the moments in greater detail.

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