Jodhpur City Tour (Half Day)

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Jodhpur sits on the eastern fringe of the Thar Desert and is dubbed ‘The Blue City’ after the painted buildings that huddle below the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. Mehrangath completely dominates the cityscape and few sights in India can complete with its soaring presence. Our Jodhpur City Tour explores the fort, which is divided into three areas: the public area, the Maharaja’s palaces, and the Queen’s palaces. Expect to see courtyards, intricate latticework, miniature paintings, jewel coloured stained glass and gold filigree ceilings. You’ll also get to see handprints of Maharaja Singh’s widows, placed there in 1843. Within the fort you’ll also find a museum home to an excellent collection of royal palanquins and one of the finest collections of ornate elephant howdahs in the world. After visiting the fort your guide will escort you through Sadar Bazaar so that you can marvel at typical 19th century town planning.

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