Amritsar (Foothills)

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Amritsar, the spiritual centre of the Sikh religion, is just a few hours from the foothills of the Himalayas. It is home to one of India’s most spectacular and glistening sites; The Golden Temple. Locally known as Harmandir Sahib, The Golden Temple is filled with scores of pilgrims who have travelled far and wide. In fact, The Golden Temple welcomes more annual visitors than The Taj Mahal in Agra! It is accessed through four elegant and intricate gates, symbolising the openness of Sikhs towards other people and religions. The temple is said to be coated in 100 kilograms of gold and is surrounded by a glassy looking tank that creates the most incredible reflection, both day and night. This tank is filled with holy water or ‘immortal nectar’ and it’s very common to see people bathing in the waters as you walk around its spectacular grounds. The morning is a fantastic time to visit as the communal kitchens are preparing meals for up to 35,000 pilgrims, who visit on a daily basis. Fortunately the volunteer cooks are more than happy to welcome you in. In the evening don’t miss out on the elaborate Wagah border ceremony, at the India-Pakistan border, where guards put on a carefully choreographed and flambouyant  display. This happens every evening as each country lowers their flags. Amritsar is a fascinating and completely unique city, which is well located for a tour through the Himalayan foothills. We highly recommend it.

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