Blue Pottery Tour

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The fine art of blue pottery or blueware travelled from Central Asia to Kashmir and then to the plains of Delhi. The Rajput ruler of Jaipur, Maharaja Ram Singh II (1835 – 1880) also introduced it in Jaipur He set up an art school in Jaipur and it has since been a thriving industry and one Jaipur has become known for. The process is long and very skilled; it involves dough made from ground quartz, sodium sulphate, raw glaze and fuller’s earth before being shaped and kept in a kilt for 6 hours. Our short tour takes you to one of the city’s most established workshops where you can watch and learn all about the process. It’s also possible to buy some pottery while you are there. This trip is designed for those with an interest in the arts and crafts of Jaipur.

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