Marble Sculptors of Kalyanji Ka Rasta

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Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. The Murtikaars or statue makers of Kalyanji Ka Rasta abide by this famous quote of Michelangelo and seek Rama or Krishna in marble. In this tour we show you the three stages of this refined form of statue making. In the first stage the Murtikaar stencils the image he wants to carve on the block of marble. They use traditional tools, such as hammers and chisels of various sizes. In the second stage the rough statue is polished and all the features refined to perfection. The finesse with which this is done is a form of meditation; the artisans argue that they forget their surroundings. The third stage is where these polished statues or idols are painted in such a way that it breathes life into the statue. The dexterity of the painters is a sight to behold and the guests will appreciate these talented artisans who have fine-tuned their skills over 6 generations. Tea and snacks within the artisan’s mansion is included.

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