Mysore Walking Tour

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Our walking tour of historic Mysore is a fantastic way to enjoy the heritage of this friendly city, boasting over 600 years of legacy. It starts with Mysore’s Town Hall; it’s here you’ll find the beautiful Clock Tower that’s been built in an Indo-Saracenic style. The tour continues to Mysore Palace (Maharaja’s Palace) and the Jaganmohan Palace. Built in 1861, the architecture of these buildings is unlike anything else in India with both Indian and European influences. The walk continues past Lansdowne Building and through the bustling Devaraja Market, which is brimming with colour, incense and silk. If you’re lucky you might get to taste the specialty sweet of the city called ‘Mysore Pak’. This is made out of gram flour, sugar and Ghee (clarified butter) as is absolutely delicious.

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