Tour of Brihadeeswarar Temple (Half Day)

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As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Brihadishwara Temple is arguably Tamil Nadu’s most mind-blowing Chola temple with an area home to the world’s finest Chola bronze collection.  The great Cholas established a powerful monarchy in the 9th century and Tanjore was at its centre. It’s from here that Hinduism and its associated architecture, expanded to countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia. Our half-day tour explores Brihadishwara, built between 1003 and 1010 by Rajaraja 1, in depth. It looks at how the temple demonstrates progressive development in Chola art and architecture; you’ll see dancers, musicians, barbers and poets inscribed on the temple walls as well as ornate gopurams, sub-shrines, and perhaps even the temple elephant. You’ll also take in the central shrine, home to a 4m high Shiva lingam.

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